Saltfleet Haven Boat Club
February    8th  (Sunday)                         Notts & Lincs Boat Jumble (Newark)             10.00     O’clock
March   1st  (Sunday)                             Working Party (ALL Welcome)                    10.00     O’clock

April     4th    (Saturday)                          Channel Walk  ALL Welcome                        9.00   O’clock

April     19th  (Sunday)                            SHBC Club House . AGM                         10.00     O’clock

May 1st  (Saturday)                                 Check/Channel Buoyage                            12.00     O’clock

June  13th(Saturday)                                                  SYC   Wainfleet BBQ            Sail time/Plan  Contact B.Hill

To Be Confirmed   ( Provisional date is 1st August)   
                                                              SHBC  Club BBQ                                        16.00pm

First Week and Last week October          Boats Out                               check tide height/times to suit

Boats Leaving or Arriving at the Haven:
Use channel 71 and Call
: “ HAVEN TRAFFIC ““ HAVEN TRAFFIC “ if no reply then assume traffic clear and proceed with caution, if response then let caller know your intentions and position.

All dates/events are subject to weather and time and possible change
, and working party details may be arranged during the year.

Please keep the committee informed if you require any changes, you may want to organize a social event at the club house, a trip to not-to faraway places, go down the Haven to check out the channel or you just might need help.

Tide Tables for 2015

Tide Tables will be available on request!

There will be a copy on the club notice board


Don’t forget the club house is available to you anytime. If your new to the club and want showing around the kitchen, toilet etc; just ask a member or one of the committee.

Winter Fishing
      all members participating should be experienced and take extra care, channel marks may be lost during the cold winter period, notify Bouyage officer if any concerns (via club web page)

RAF Donna Nook  Bombing Range

Mid week sailing/fishing
to be arranged by members as and when, let someone know when you go out and be aware that we are just south of Donna Nook bombing range and this is active on most days of the week except Sat/Sunday, advice can be sort on the day (call: RAF Donna Nook Range on VHF channel 16 if you wish to go through the range).
North or South of the Haven, if you have problems call “Humber Coast Guard” on Channel 16 or use channel 71 if out with other club members.