Saltfleet Haven Boat Club

NEW TO THE HAVEN? If you have joined the club but are a little put off by the sand bars and all the information on the pilot then we can help. We can take you out to show you the markers and the land marks, show you where to go and where not to go. It takes about an hour but the familiarisation course is probably well worth it. If you require further information please email the Bouyage Master

There are five types of membership at the Saltfleet Haven Boat Club.

1. Full Berth Member - over 18 years of age enjoying full voting rights.
2. Slipway Member - over 18 years of age enjoying full voting rights.
3. Affiliated non-boat Member - over 14 years of age, no voting rights.
4. Junior Member - 14 to 18 years, no voting rights.
5. Friend of Saltfleet Haven Boat Club - any age, no voting rights.

Club Fees
Junior Membership              £5.00
Family Membership             £25.00
Full Membership                  £15.00
Friend of SHBC                   £15.00
Berth Ticket                          £110.00
Berth Ticket top mooring     £160.00
Slipway Ticket                      £75.00

The membership fee is to be paid every year
Berth fee's to be paid by 31st of january or you may loose your berth
Copy of Boat Insurance document showing third party cover must be included (Contact club web pages for help on insurance quotes) Please note that due to certain restrictions, all boats must come out of the water and be removed from the moorings for the winter.
All boats using the club moorings or slip must have at least 3rd party insurance cover and skippers must be competent to handle their craft. As a new policy all skippers will have to agree to the Safety Officers 'Minimum Equipment' list and may have to show competancy. Details on request.