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Committee Meeting

Saltfleet Haven Boat Club - 22 April 2018 6.30



Welcome members



Minutes of last meeting

Co-opt new members

Elect officers

Organise the transfer of relevant documents and files to new officers

Accept responsibility for safeguarding the personal data of members and inform Mr Derner as requested.

Accept Mr Derner's resignation and thank him for his efforts. Request relevant files and documents.

Discuss future projects and their feasibility

Security cameras

Trailer parking

Storage container and keys



Tool pool/workshop/extra container

Gate locks

Berth waiting list


Other matters

Berth waiting list

Honorary members

Postal voting




Saltfleet Haven Boat Club

Committee Meeting 22 April 2018, 6.30pm Clubhouse Saltfleet





J Harrison

J Carter

P Shepherdson

R Gilbert

M Francis

P McCarthy (Chair)

L Bryson

D Jefferson

J Keery

P Allen


Committee members confirmed and agreed as above.

Officers nominated, seconded and elected by show of hands.


Ray Gilbert Boyage Officer (nominated PM, seconded DJ )

Dan Jefferson Vice Commodore (nominated JK, seconded PM)

Phil Allen Commodore (nominated LB, seconded MF)

Joe Keery Treasurer (nominated PM, seconded MF)

Pat McCarthy Secretary (nominated JK, seconded LB)

Mick Francis Berthing Master (nominated DJ, seconded RG)


Minutes taken by PM


JH suggested that future meetings should be bi-monthly initially, and all agreed.


Committee agreed to accept Mr Derner's resignation and wished him well.


Members agreed to organise the transfer of documents and files to new flag officers as soon as convenient. Mr Keery signed for the transfer of such from Mr Shepherdson.


Projects and improvements


LB proposed the installation of new video cameras with the facility for members to view the moorings via computer or smart phone 24 hours a day. LB agreed to research further and come back to the committee with prices. PS raised the issue of data protection and JK agreed to research the issue further.


PM proposed a boat-watch scheme, whereby members who were willing to share their email addresses and phone numbers could be contacted immediately by any other participating members if their boat was in trouble. This opt-in opt-out proposal would be put the membership for their thoughts and approval. This prompted a discussion about boat storage, and the committee agreed to ask members if there would be any interest such a facility.


RG Suggested making more room for trailer parking near the slip to prevent congestion at busy times.


JH kindly offered a substantial amount of tools and spares to the club with a view to creating a workshop for all members to use. It was agreed that the scale of this donation would require a second container, and JK volunteered to try and source something suitable, subject to price and its possible effect on council rates. PS raised the issues of PAT testing of any equipment used in a workshop, and also fire extinguishers.


MF proposed that a waiting list for berths be available for all members to see, and should be on display in the clubhouse. All agreed that as soon as we were in possession of the information, it should be so, and that a much more transparent process would be preferable.


LJ raised the issue of empty moorings and the frustration of waiting for a berth when it appeared that there were berth holders who did not use them. MF agreed to clarify this issue when in full possession of the records.


JK suggested that honorary members were confused with regard to their status as some had received emails requesting that they should renew their membership. JK thought it was the case that honorary members were lifetime members, did not pay membership fees and were not required to renew membership. PM agreed to look at the issue.


PM proposed new signs and notice board for the club with contact information for relevant flag officers, website, FB etc. All agreed, and PM volunteered to get prices.


JK proposed a letter of apology from the new committee to Mr Hadland for the extremely unpleasant experience he had suffered at the club. The distress caused to both Mr and Mrs Hadland had a serious the impact on his health, which resulted in Mr Hadland leaving the club and parting with his boat. The majority of the committee agreed by show of hands and JK expressed a wish that Mr Hadland should know that he would always be welcome at the club.


PM suggested a replacement combination lock on the gate as it was almost impossible to read. All agreed. PM volunteered to find suitable replacement.


JH raised the issue of maintenance on Snowflake (the club boat), and requested that it should remain on its current mooring for the time being for ease of access. The committee agreed to help with maintenance and source parts.


J.K proposed that the club could look into the possibility of improving access to running water and better toilet facilities. PS's knowledge of the history and difficulties involved proved to be invaluable to this discussion, and the general consensus was that the committee would revisit the issue at the next meeting. PS also brought up the subject of clubhouse doors and the need for hinges on the new door. It was agreed to approach a club member who had previously volunteered his time and skills.


Meeting closed at 8.30

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