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The Try

In February 1882 a 39 ton sloop called the Try, captained by John Adams of Saltfeet was wrecked with the loss of five lives.The Try was carrying coal from Rotherham to Saltfleet via the Humber. It began to leak and Captain Adams dropped the Anchor which unfortunately broke free and the boat began to drift at the mercy of the dreadful weather.The Try was seen to be in trouble by the coast guard , but despite their best efforts Robert Adams, Robert Adams the younger, Herma and Louise Adams all died on the Sunday morning on board the Try from exposure.Harriet Adams was taken ashore alive but died later at the house of J Stubbs of Saltfleetby 

the try.jpg

The Try was recommissioned by the brother of John Adams but unfortunately ran aground on nearly the exact same spot where it remains to this day.

Whilst walking round the wreck one low tide I happened to reach into the gap between the inner and outer planking. There are still fragments of coal there , but to my surprise, i pulled the remains of a clay pipe out.I wonder whose it was.

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