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A trip down the channel from Phil Cox

Radio on? Seventy one


If you are planning to visit Saltfleet Haven, you must contact the club in advance and preferably via email. We will require your name, address and telephone number, the boat name, length and draft and details of its permanent berth if applicable. We cannot accommodate boats over 25 feet in length or any boat with single, fin or tri-keel hulls with a larger centre keel. Retractable and bilge keel boats are welcome. Boats dry out on the mud and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their boat settles safely when the tide goes out.


 If there is a strong North Easterly wind then entry should not be attempted by a first time visitor. Saltfleet Overfalls can make for a uncomfortable wait off Saltfleet, if you arrive early from the south, wait  just north of the main promenade beach at Mablethorpe until 2 hours before high water then go well offshore and head for Saltfleet, or if the bombing range is not active (call RAF Donna Nook 01507 358716) continue sailing up due north towards Ross Spit area and come back with the incoming tide. (Check chart ) 

The channel is marked with red and white buoys.Pick up the large single red buoy and then head for the red and white gate buoys . As you look to the shore  they will appear to the left of the traffic cone on a tripod. The traffic cone marks a wreck.When navigating the channel , keep the reds about 20 feet to your port side  These are kept up to date in the summer months by the club's buoyage officer and local commercial fishermen. Before you visit, you should contact the secretary on 07990 537174 or 01507 359123 or the Commodore on 07808 774868  for advice as the channel can move. Keep the reds on your port side and stay approx twenty feet away from them all the way in. At certain times it may be possible to meet you before you enter the channel so that you can be guided in.If you  are visiting during the winter months, it is essential that you contact the buoyage officer as it is not always possible to guarantee that  all buoys will be in position or present.

If you are visiting  Saltfleet for the first time , head in about 30 minutes before high water, the depth of water at low water springs at the Inner Mark position will be approximately 8-12 feet, boats with 3 foot draft or more will need approximately 25 feet of water below them before they try to make an entry towards the Red channel buoys, this will ensure you clear the lower beach sand depths.If you are planning a trip in advance it would be advisable to plan your trip to coincide with a reasonable tide , 6.00 metres or higher   
Be careful if arriving late at the sand bar cut on the ebb tide with an onshore breeze, the under current going out is strong and there is a chance you may get a wave over the stern as you drop into the troughs, but the cut through the bar is short so most will arrive unscathed and dry 
The is a clubhouse with a toilet, mains electricity and cooking facilities. There is no mains water, although there is bottled water for tea etc.There are two pubs locally, the New Inn and the Crown Inn and a petrol station with a well stocked shop.


Saltfleet Haven inner mark

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