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SHBC Committee meeting

Clubhouse Saltfleet Sunday 19th August 7.00PM


Chair Phil Allen

Minutes taken by P.McCarthy (secretary)



Minutes of last meeting


Officers reports

Commodore's report

Vice Commodore's report

Treasurer's report

Berthing officer's report

Secretary's report

Boyage officer's report


1 Co-opting of Terry Daffin as second buoyage officer

2 Resignation of Joe Keery (treasurer)

3 Introduction of new guidelines for allocation of berths

4 Slipway repair

5Inner Mark. Replacing


7Postponement of Mr MacDonald's disciplinary meeting due to ill health

8Any other business


Close meeting


Minutes for SHBC committee meeting

Clubhouse Saltfleet Sunday 19th August 7.00PM



Phil Allen (Chairman)

Pat McCarthy (Minutes)

Lee Bryson

Mick Francis

Johnny Harrison

John Carter

Dan Jefferson

Ray Gilbert



Pete Shepherdson


Officers reports

Commodore ,Phil Allen, thanked Glyn and Lee for their sterling work repairing the slipway which had been undermined by successive tides.


Acting treasurer, Pat McCarthy, reported that finances were in order and up to date. Also that online banking was working well and should make book keeping easier in the future as all statements were available to view on the bank's website. P.M also regretted the loss of the previous treasurer, Mr Keery, who's book keeping had been faultless.


Berthing officer, Mick Francis, reported that everything was in order.


Secretary, Pat McCarthy reported that the club was now in need of a new treasurer and asked the committee to consider possibilities for the post and report back with suggestions. Also that the website was almost complete and an addition of a members page would allow access to PDF copies of club committee meeting minutes and the club constitution. Also correspondence had been received from Trinity House regarding a recent buoyage survey which they had undertaken. They had found all buoyage in good order except for the lack of the inner mark. The loss of the inner mark had been reported to Trinity House some weeks earlier, which they had recorded.


Buoyage officer, Ray Gilbert, reported that the last repairs and preparations had been made to the new inner mark and it was now only a question of the availability of the local commercial fishermen, who had offered their help, before the mark could be returned.


Agenda items.

1 Mr Gilbert had asked if it was possible to co-opt Mr Terry Daffin on to the committee as he had been invaluable with some of the heavier work associated with buoyage . Phil Allen proposed the motion and Lee Bryson seconded. The motion was carried with a clear majority.


2 Mr Keery resigned from the committee as treasurer before the date of the meeting. The committee thanked him for his excellent work and contribution as a club officer.


3 Mr McCarthy offered some suggestions for guidelines on the subject of berth allocations, as the lack of clarity on the subject had caused some friction in the club. Mr Harrison had already shared his thoughts with an incomplete committee at the beginning of the meeting . His frustration was evident and he spoke at length on the subject before handing in his resignation from the committee which was duly accepted by the commodore. The suggestions were as follows:-




Suggestions for clarity on berth issues.


1.Any berth that becomes vacant should be offered to existing berth holders who may wish to move, before being offered to new members. Berth holders wishing to move should make their intentions known to the berthing officer who can put them on a list.


  1. Any two berth holders who mutually agree to exchange berths can do so with the agreement of the berthing officer.

  2. Berth holders have the right to remove structures from a berth which they built and paid for themselves. Once a berth changes hands with a structure in place, the original builder/berth holder loses all rights to the structure. When a berth becomes vacant with a structure in place,it becomes the property of the club. When a berth changes hands , the new berth holder may offer to buy the existing structure with the agreement of the berthing officer.

  3. Berths are not the property of the berth holder and cannot be sold or included the sale of boats. The allocation of berths should be in chronological order. The waiting list,and the date of addition to the list should be available for all members to see.

  4. Any preferential treatment,bias or prejudice in the allocation of berths or any other amenities could leave the club open to the loss of CASC status

    Quote from an ex commodore

     I cannot think of any occasion I have come across where you could buy a boat and leapfrog into a mooring... 

  5. Co -owners and family members who inherit a boat on a berth, or have been gifted a boat on a berth as a result of illness or infirmity, should be offered the opportunity to take the berth over, providing they are members themselves and are known to the club. The individuals who may be beneficiaries in these cases should be named on the membership document. Each case would be subject to the approval of the committee.

  6. Berth holders who's berth remains unused for prolonged periods (18 months plus) can be contacted to determine whether or not they would be happy to sublet the berth. There will be no requirement for any member to put their boat on the berth if they choose not to do so.

  7. Boats which are left on berths in cases where membership has not been renewed or membership has lapsed should be removed within 3 months weeks/months . Only as a last resort should boats be removed by the club. Every attempt should be made to contact the berth holder before removal , and if it becomes necessary to remove a boat the club should make every effort to store it with care.


The suggestions were discussed and the committee was unanimous in its acceptance of the proposals with the exception of paragraphs 6 and 8 which required review. Proposed by Dan Jefferson and seconded by Pat McCarthy, carried by unanimous vote. Mr Harrison was in agreement.



4The committee thanked Lee Bryson,Terry Daffin and Glyn Hind for a fantastic job repairing the slipway.


5 See bouyage officer's report.


6 See secretary's report


7 J.H had requested that Mr MacDonald be listed as an item on the agenda as he (JH) had some news that may be of interest to the committee regarding disciplinary action pending against MacDonald. Several members of the committee had been led to believe that Mr MacDonald was very ill, and that as a consequence , further action might be inappropriate on compassionate grounds.


Mr Harrison stated that “Mr MacDonald was in excellent health and that the committee had been misinformed”. Mr Harrison told the meeting that Mr MacDonald would “Take it the top ! ” and that the club should be “very wary of Mr MacDonald” and also that Mr MacDonald will “bankrupt the club and destroy it”.

Mr McCarthy said that threats from any members could not be not be allowed to influence the committee's actions or decisions.


Any other business

John Carter had observed a change in the position of Bombing range marker DZ number 2


Mr Gilbert suggested that the club should look into the purchase of a water pump and possibly a tractor. Mr Gilbert also brought up the subject of grass cutting and suggested that we should all give it some thought as it could be cheaper in the long run to buy a ride on mower second hand.


Meeting closed at 8.45

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