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BM Email 1 001_edited.jpg

The portion of the email that contains the date is obscured. The only date on the email is handwritten .Mr Casey and Mr Derner were copied into this email.Their email addresses are clearly visible in the line above the word McCarthy .This document was later doctored to remove Mr Derner's and Mr Casey's addresses, and re-submitted as evidence. Scroll to view

thumbnail_Screenshot from 2018-11-29 13-

In this version, the page has been scrolled to the bottom to obscure the original header. 

Screenshot from 2018-11-30 08-53-04 (1).

Here is another screenshot of the email supplied by Mr MacDonald. This version is open in an image editor, and alterations

have clearly been made .There is now a grey rectangle with a blue border covering Mr Derner's and Mr Casey's email addresses . This rectangle is not a feature of the email software.

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